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Squashy Bob

Squashy Bob is my take on the 'endless faller', with lots of great added features!

Guide Bob in his infinitely-downward journey (where is he going? No one knows!). Seems simple enough, but as always, things are not quite so straightforward... no sir!

As Bob falls, he will encounter obstacles and enemies (crates block Bob's path, and birds and bombs are best avoided!). Still, there are things to help him too, eat the jelly beans for more points and grab the powerups for various super-powers (turning the tables on the enemies is sooo satisfying!).

Don't forget to grab the coins as you go! Accumulate as many as you can, and use them to change the look of your Bob, maybe Bob-Cat takes your fancy? Or perhaps Panda-Bob? Alternatively, you may want to use your coins to unlock more valuable coins or new power-ups. The choice is yours!

Bob Cat Character


Squashy Bob features...

Bomb Character

Squashy Bob is free to download and play, ad-supported, and contains no In-App-Purchases... exclusively available for Android. Fancy some endless falling fun? Then download today!

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