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He's a furry little ball and he needs your help!

You are tasked with guiding Furman through 20 levels of retro craziness, spread over 4 distinct themed areas in a bid to help him escape the nightmare world in which he finds himself!

Paint all the blocks on each level by stepping on them—then when you're done, grab the key and make your way to the exit... be warned though, it's not as easy as it sounds. Along the way you will find many creatures and obstacles sent to hinder Furman... but don't worry, there are things that can help him too!

Grab the food for more points as you meander through the Great Outdoors, the Forest, Outer Space and the Desert in your bid to end Furman's nightmare.

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Furman is a fun single screen platformer, retro in its design with bold colourful graphics, simple controls and an 8-bit style chip-tune soundtrack to bop along with as you try your best to assist our hero. Here are some of the features you will find...

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Furman is free to download and play, is ad-supported, and contains no In-App-Purchases... exclusively available on Android. If you're up to the challenge and fancy a bit of retro-platform action, why not give it a try today? Furman's waiting for you!

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